Outer Space Transistor - Mission 001: Mercury

by JC Greening

NASA provided.
Last Stop 00:35
NASA provided.
Edgar Poe's "Dream Within a Dream"
JC Greening's "The Night"
Welcome Home 02:15


This album is brought to you from the JC Greening Galaxy, where you have tuned into the Outer Space Transistor.

Welcome Eternal Astronauts.

Please place your headphones over your ears to ensure maximum experience.

1) Our Mission to Mercury departs in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero…
We have left home’s safety and enter orbit at last, after all of these years.

2) Now that we are in space, our destination coordinates have been entered and we are on autopilot to the planet Mercury. Sit back and relax. Take in the mysteries just outside your window. Many years ago, the space shuttle Messenger went on this same journey, destined to orbit Mercury 4000 times before crashing into its surface. Pay attention, as you can still hear those orbits venture around your mind’s planet the same amount of times during this journey. Listen as we approach; the destination grows in presence with each passing second. It can almost cause a trance within the traveler’s eyes, though slight pops, beeps, and cracks in our communication system bring us back to reality, thus to keep sleep a distant memory. Of course, the brightness of the sun helps keep sleep at bay as well.

3) Do you see the solar flares bursting before us? How dangerous…and yet how beautiful. It is time to approach our landing on the planet’s surface. Are you ready?

4) It was a safe landing, but is this a safe place? Mercury himself was known as the transporter of all souls to the Underworld. Is the planet Mercury actually the Underworld itself, and was he all along guiding us to our end?

5) Fear grips and tightens the chest. Mercury’s surface is not a pleasant place. The surface of the planet increases in heat with each passing moment, melting everything that bends to touch it. Solar winds blow and break all obstacles into dust particles. The planet orbits very fast around the Milky Way’s light source (89 earth days, which also happens to be how long this musical journey is), leaving you dizzy and confused. But, after a few moments, the confusion dissipates into an adrenaline-fueled meditation. You enter a world of awake consciousness, and yet embrace the twirling and circling, allowing all thoughts to converge into one stream of focus – the planet Mercury. Welcome to your new home.

6) But then communications occur, and reality sets back in. This is not your last and permanent home. It is time to escape the grips of this melting rock and venture back to known soil and air. Your heart beats fast, just like this planet’s orbit, and you start to sweat inside your heat-shielded armor. You rush back to the shuttle, fire up the rockets, and aim for the atmosphere of dripping gases. You desire to leave this pocket of burning air known as Mercury and ……. Launch!

7) Your launch was successful, but you see something mysterious as you leave Mercury’s atmosphere: ice at the polar caps of the planet! Can there really be ice on the hottest planet? Or is this just a dream - a hallucination brought on by the heat itself? You find it wonderfully beautiful that the planet symbolizes your very own interior planet as well – both cold and hot, dark and light, desert and ice – all at the same time.

8) The journey back home begins, and you reflect on all that you have learned from Mercury. As you fly through each light year, you feel as though you have been hypnotized by Mercury’s staff – the Caduceus. This staff, often used to symbolize the medical profession on earth, consists of one center staff that is surrounded by two snakes. The first snake has a soothing quality to his voice, almost putting you into a constant dream state with his questioning lullaby and poetic wiles. You find yourself hearing three simple things: his drifting words, your heart beat, and passing stars’ glittering echoes.

9) Where do these soothing but eerie words take us? To the shores of forgotten memories, where footprints are only left by the walking staff of eternal time and space. You pierce out into the pink oceans and orange skies, where the horizon blurs and distant stars spiral through thousands of miles to gently land on your outstretched palms. What do you remember? What do you feel? Does it make you smile? Do the feelings arouse and excite as you ponder what has happened and what could happen? Have you found yourself and your place by wondering and wandering? Here is where you do everything your way, with no second thoughts, regrets, guilt.

10) But, you cannot stay in this state of perfection for long. You must come back to the space ship, to the driving controls, and steer through the passing meteors and melancholy miles to reach back home. You must face the conclusions and consequences that Mercury has taught you and placed in your soul. For thoughts achieve nothing but an abyss, a black hole that sucks all wants and needs to a place where they can never be reached. One must take action in the midst of chaos to achieve any type of inner peace. Steer the ship, captain, and take us home.

11) There it finally is – Home! You look forward to talking with loved ones, to discuss everything you learned from this distant journey. And yet, what is this? Words become muffled and blurry, and despite discussing something quite important that applies to your body and mind by traveling through so much time and distance, you no longer care about worries and woes of so-called scientists stuck on same ol’ same ol’ soil. You have discovered your own faults, your own mortality, your own sins. You have invigorated your own ideas, your own beauty, your own songs. You have discovered your true home – wherever that may be, weary traveler.

Truly, welcome home traveler. If you would like to know where the next mission will take us, be sure to go to the website: www.jcgreening.com There you will find a hidden passage that will reveal clues to where our next journey will take us. Where is the hidden passage, you may ask? Your hint for the hidden passage: the name itself may click something inside.


released April 2, 2018

Phil Stultz provided guitar for "The Dreaming Caduceus - The Staff"


all rights reserved


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